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Acupuncture for ICBC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Surrey

We understand that a car accident is a frightening experience. At Finepoint Acupuncture Clinic in Surrey, our experienced registered acupuncturists conduct thorough assessments of any injuries and guide treatments for quicker recovery covered by ICBC.

After selecting the appropriate treatment process, we ensure your claims adjuster has given the proper approval before beginning sessions. These sessions should be attended weekly until full recovery is achieved.

Once you book in for your initial consultation and treatment appointment, our acupuncturist will create a personalized recovery plan. We also handle your billing through direct ICBC billing, so you can focus on healing without unnecessary hassle or stress.

We know every patient and their ICBC claims adjuster is unique. Our team ensures you understand your personal rehabilitation journey, providing expert services and high-quality care.

Our trusted and experienced acupuncturists at Finepoint Acupuncture Clinic in Surrey look forward to being a part of your recovery journey.

Book your appointment today! Call (604) 591-0203 or email us.

Already have a claim number? Book your ICBC acupuncture appointment at our Surrey location today.

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